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Founder, Adarsh Somani



Rank Unique Numbar Name Push Up Count
1 905215 AJAY YADAV 737
2 911769 SARTHAK PACHORE 231
3 903383 AARYA GULHANE 178
4 908156 AKASH RITHORIYA 175
5 923884 SURAJ SAROJ 173
6 924518 KARAN KUMAR 166
7 911454 VIVEK GUSAIN 161
9 900393 ADARSH BAROT 143
10 905478 PAVAN RAJEKAR 137


Rank Unique Numbar Name Push Up Count
1 923570 SHREYA MANDAVE 91
2 904532 PEARL MONTEIRO 69
3 906543 BHAVNEET KAUR 65
5 909908 PRITI YENPURE 63
6 920808 SANYA GOKHALE 63
7 902327 HANNAH PRIYA 61
8 901095 MANISHA SINGH 61
9 924496 ARVA MAQSUD 60

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Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex
Mahalunge, Balewadi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411045.
Rajendra Somani

Late Shri Rajendra Somani

(1948 - 2022)

Shri Rajendra Somani served as Managing Director of Oricon Enterprise Limited and was one of the founder promoters of the group viz; Parijat Enterprise. He guided the group & its various companies through four decades of diversification and growth to emerge as pioneers in the industry. He built an empire through businesses in packaging and real estate. His contribution to the packaging industry was unparalleled. Innovation was the name of the game for him. He was the recipient of many national and international awards, like the IndiaStar and WorldStar awards.

He was a great philanthropist and was attached to many social and educational organizations and trusts. He was a visionary whose thoughts and ideas were always ahead of its time. He believed in never failing any student as it would stunt a child’s confidence and morale. Hence in one of the schools run by the family, he implemented a rule of never failing any student, an example which was later practiced by many other schools.

An ardent lover of music, sports and yoga, in the last stages of his life he was inspired to write 3 books of poems which resonated with spirituality, simple living and his learnings in life.

He was a man of strong principles with a firm sense of commitment and exemplary leadership qualities. He was well known for his humility, simplicity and generosity. His core values comprised of sacrifice, service, selflessness and surrender to God. He relentlessly worked to uphold the unity between all stakeholders in the family and in business.

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your years that makes it memorable. Shri Rajendra Somani - A true karmayogi, lived an illustrious life leaving an indelible impression upon our hearts and minds. He shall always be remembered as an epitome of progressiveness, benevolence, ethics and compassion.

The event is held solely in his memory to unite the nation through sports and wellness.

Push Ups today have come a long way. Modern-day Push Ups or Press-Ups what you see today are a comprehensive evolution of simple and regular household muscle building workout to now into a complete strength building regime. An ultimate choice for all those wanting to feel wholesomely fitter and grow their stamina to the next level.

This PUSH INDIA PUSH CHALLENGE is first of its kind initiative in the world to push and advance India towards an all-round wholesome level of body fitness and stamina for the decades to come ahead. This competition is going to be held on April 15th, 2023, at Balewadi Stadium Pune.


Transforming the Meaning of Push-Ups: Simple upper-body muscle building gets a new recognition and worldwide acceptance as a wholesome essentiality of daily-living for building your stamina and expanding your capacity.

Revolutionizing Health to the Next Level of Perception & Experience: Kickstarting a revolution where in each one of you takes the lead in transforming your regular muscle-building regimes into a complete fitter lifestyle that sets new benchmarks of health and inner stamina. An experience of evolving into the most complete version of yours.

First Ever Experience: First ever experience for you to globally demonstrate your body strength and stamina and get rewarded for the same with prizes worth 1 Cr.

All India Challenge: Over 10000 Push-Up Champions from all across India are here to test each other’s capacity and showcase their own. A great motivation to grow, conserve, expand and exemplify your power and strengths now more than ever.

Purpose Greater than Action: Know that you’re not here to brag your power and claim supremacy over it. You and we all are here in this pursuit only to inspire the people of our nation to get over their state of dormancy and aspire for a fitter India.

#PushIndiaPush Challenge

Come on Men & Women of India! It’s time now to pull-up your sleeves and gear up for this first of its kind All-India Push Up challenge in the world.

Call it flexing your muscles or stretching up your joints for that extra flexibility or even keeping your internal organs agile, Push-Ups are all about building that super strength, expanding your stamina and capacity, and gaining that ultimate power over your otherwise dormant body. Correct us if we’re any way wrong?

Yes, you know it and we claim it- This Push-Up challenge is here to ensure and set new global standards of great health and fitness with absolute excitement that you and your body yearn for!

Come on India, join the excitement to see the unbelievable, unparalleled, and unprecedented like never before!



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